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Yale Woolsey Hall   - sound system provided for International Students Intercolegate Entertainment ShowYale university Branford College  Dance with lighting and sound for the Students MPEG playbackQuinnipiac University Gymnasium decked out for a rainy Spring Weekend concert with games in backgroundBack to School at Quinnipiace University
Freshman concert with Game show TV personalities

Spence Sound & Stage Lighting

Yale Dance—Commons, Sound & Lighting

Music from an iPOD or PC for your dance or entertainment venue.  Dance lights add atmosphere

Yale Woolsey Hall— Large sound system for a Intercultural Intercollegiate Show

Quinnipiac Spring Weekend festivities moved indoors due to inclement weather—sound and light provided

Back to School— Freshman orientation concert with Game show TV personality,  stage and lighting systems available as well

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We work with student Clubs/groups and departments in all colleges and universities


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Students: Include your organization name and the name & phone # of the staff member responsible for  your group Serving Southern Connecticut, New Haven, Bridgeport, Stamford, Storrs, Waterbury, New London, Middletown

Serving your needs for Concert audio systems, Stage lighting systems, Dance Lighting, DJ services, Special Event Needs, A/V systems.   Spring Weekend, Concert sound, Concert Lighting, Orientation, Graduations, Senior Week, sports events, Dances, Movie Nights, Fashion Shows…..   If you have your own music on a PC or iPOD, we will supply the rest,…..

Auditoriums, Gymnasiums, sports arenas, commons, outdoor venues

All the energy and intensity you can handle.

SERVING: Bridgeport, Cheshire, Danbury, Darien, Fairfield,  Hamden,  Madison, Monroe, Naugatuck, New Haven, Newtown, North Haven, Norwalk, Old Lyme, Ridgefield, Shelton, Stamford, Torrington, Wallingford,  Waterbury, Westport, Woodbridge, Connecticut, Southern Connecticut, Ct

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Summer School music event - outdoors at Yale UniversitySCSU fashion show, runway and LED lighting
southern connecticut state university

Fashion Show stage and LED lighting—SCSU

UCONN Storrs—Outdoor concert in front of Student Union on the Quad—Concert Lighting and Sound

UCONN Storrs - ourdoor concert sound and lighting in front of student union facing the quad

All your Sound Rental, Lighting Rental & DJ needs !!!

Theater, concert, outdoor, special events, sports, Dance

Sacred Heart University—Pitt Center Field House—
Reposition and upgrade sound system speakers SHU

Sacred Heart University—Pitt Center Field House—

Reposition and upgrade sound system speakers for basketball,  and improve intelligibility for bleachers

TEDx talk at Fairfield University