Concert halls



Urban street fairs

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Worship centers

100 to 10,000 people

Sound Systems and Live Production Services

· Wireless microphone systems—Shure ULX and QLX-D Digital- UHF band , 100 channel selectable frequency, diversity receivers.  Hand held, Lavaliere, or tiny boom headsets available.  Rental systems of up to 40 Mics. 

· Production sound— Optimization of speaker placement to allow clear, intelligible sound throughout the venue

· Trained technical production personnel— live mixing, computer based cueing, digital mute management

· Live Sound—wireless mic specialists—setup, tuning, management, maintenance, training –AV sound setups

· for a cost effective solution


Professional Quality Sound Equipment

· Speakers –EAW JFL Line Array, JBL, RCF line array, Bose L1 line array

· Microphones – Shure SM58,57,85, AKG D110, C3000 Sennheiser E504, MD421, Audio Technica 4031 condenser mics

· Amplifiers – Crest Audio PRO8200 & QSC Powerlite

· Mixing consoles – Allen&Heath Digital GLD-80w/ 30chanel digital stage box, Soundcraft Digital Compact SI 32, Allen & Heath Mixwizard 16

· Processing & effects – DBX Driverack 260, Yamaha SPX,  TC Electronic M1

· Wireless microphones -UHF  – Shure digital QLX-D & ULX, Sennheiser EW

Text Box: Sound System Production Services & Rentals,  Including; 
Experienced Technicians
System Setup and operation
Digital Audio -mixing console & equipment
Delivery & installation
Indoors or outside
500-35,000 watt sound systems available
Press box—audio distribution

Spence Sound & Stage

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Sound Rentals in the Westport, Bridgeport , Danbury and New Haven regional areas

Political Rally
Graduation sound system - Kennedy football stadium

· Trained technical personnel— live mixing, audio and video pre-production services

· Flown systems to get the speakers away from the microphones, optimize the volume and minimize the potential for feedback

· Under balcony speakers to reduce the muddy sound due to high frequency loss and excessive room reverberations

· Stage front fill speakers to allow those seated up front and center to hear direct sound

· Microphone selection appropriate for the budget and the type of production

· Room acoustic analysis and control: minimize reflections in the audience area, maximize the natural volume of the performance, augment with reinforcement as required


concert hall broadway performers and university orchestra

Broadway Performer—2000 seat concert hall

Large Graduation in Football Stadium—speakers on edge of field

Socially distant Outdoor concert—500 attendance

Political Speech—with press in attendance

Meriden hubbard Park Puerto Rican Festival stage and audienceBasketball game with line array speakers show on truss supports at Fairfield University Alumni Hall - Spence Sound & stage

Basketball game at Fairfield University Alumni Hall —large Line array speaker system shown on truss supports

socially distant outdoor concert wolfe park monroe ct
monroe parks and recsocially distant outdoor concert wolfe park monroe ct
monroe parks and rec